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Romaga has been overhauling and repairing Diesel engines and turbochargers for 30 years, through a staff composed of qualified and skilful engineers, technicians, and mechanics, who are well-prepared to provide service around the clock everywhere in Brazil.


Romaga’s origins take us back to the end of the 80’s, time of the shutdown of the engine factory Villares, former MAN B&W licensee. With more than 20 years experience, some Villares’ ex-employees got together to found Romaga. Therefore, our personnel accumulate now over 40 years experience in the area of stationary and marine Diesel engines (4-stroke and 2-stroke), as well as turbochargers.


The engines we overhaul include: MAN B&W, Rolls-Royce Marine (BERGEN), MaK, Wärtsilä, Yanmar, Sulzer, Daihatsu, SEMT Pielstick, Ruston-Paxman, Mirrleess Blackstone, Nohab, Wichmann, ABC, CAT, MTU.  In terms of turbochargers we service among others: ABB, MAN, KBB, Napier, Mitsubishi, and IHI.

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