Main reference in Rio de Janeiro for the balancing of rigid rotors, such as:
•  Turbocharger
•  Gas turbines
•  Centrifugues (conveyor and cylinder)
•  Pump rotor
•  Armature
•  Industrial fan
•  Propeller

•  Mixer/Crusher
•  Parts for agricultural machines
•  Crankshaft
•  Break
•  Special rotors.
We own two modern dynamic balancing machines up to 1,5 ton. Our specialists are trained by the best balancing machines makers such as SCHENCK ROTEC. All calculations and procedures are in compliance with ISO and VDI (ISO 1940-1-2, 8821, VDI 2060, etc.).
By the end of each balancing a certificate is issued cointaining the initial unbalance, the tolerances, quality grade, and the residual unbalance. 
Dynamic balancing - Turbocharger
Dynamic balancing - Armature
Dynamic balancing - Conveyor
Dynamic balancing - Centrifugue
Dynamic balancing - Crankshaft
Dynamic balancing - Pump rotor
Dynamic balancing - Turbocharger rotor
Dynamic balancing - Air conditioning rotor
Dynamic balancing - Screw conveyor
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Dynamic balancing - Screw conveyor